questions and shared resources from May 24, 2016


Is holding space a learned skill or an unlearned skill, one society may dispossess from us/in need of reclamation?

How to hold space intergenerationally in all directions?

Where else in our bodies do we hold space/what parts of our bodies do we use to hold space (beyond open hands, open hearts)?

How do we introduce people to the concept of HIV criminalisation while making them aware of the intersectional oppressions that govern it?

How do we communicate the contingency of criminalisation on space, place, region, and country?

Ultimately, how do we empower attendees to a) come away knowing that HIV is not a crime but also b) begin making active steps to end that criminalisation?

What can we do with a politics of question?

Regarding holding space and asking questions, how do we ask without judgment?

How do we hold space for a system?

What is the role of the National AIDS Czar in the US to end HIV criminalization? 

How do you teach people about HIV criminalization if they don’t understand HIV? 

Do people see Michael Johnson as a political prisoner? Why / Why not? 


Article about what “Holding Space” can mean: What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone

Website with information about Michael Johnson: Free Michael Johnson

Link to the latest info on HIV Criminalization: The Center for HIV Law and Policy


Our next get together will be for the screening of

Consent: HIV Non-Disclosure and Sexual Assault Law

Monday June 6, 6:30pm

Cooper Union Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, 41 Cooper Sq, New York City, NY

Free, Everyone is welcome