questions from May, 11, 2016


What is HIV criminalization?

Does /how does HIV criminalization disproportionately impact LGBTQ folks of color, cis Black and Latina women?

What is the connection between HIV criminalization and the prison industrial complex?

How do we capture our HIV Doula meetings? 

What is our responsibility to each other? 

Do we understand that our work is our work? 

How important is it to explain that risk of onward transmission of HIV during sex is negligible if a person is on ART and virologically suppressed? Is that relevant or irrelevant – eg if that weren’t the case, would transmission be okay? AND what about PrEP, which is a non detectable prevention tool.

Does a person taking PrEP have an obligation to disclose PrEP use? (of course not - but we are now in a world where a person living with HIV could have condom free sex with a person and have it be no risk b/w PrEP and ART).

What does it mean about the presence/absence in our current AIDS response of what I might call that “science doula” who translated tech talk to layspeak that so much of this information isn’t accessible to many people learning about HIV and criminalization for the first time?